Have you ever searched the web for a Mac version of the Dina coding font and gave up in disappointment or found only versions that don’t really work or look everything but the Dina font? If yes then the wait is over! Here is a Mac version of the Dina coding font that looks exactly* like the original. Over are your days of jealously glaring at Visual Studio coders with their super-slick, Dina-glorified code! Because if you have to look at source all day long why not look at a nice and compact looking font that makes coding a pleasure?!

Here is the DinaPro coding font for Mac that gives you the crisp and compact look of the original Dina but for use on Mac with Xcode, Sublime or whatever other editor or IDE**.

DinaPro comes with Regular and Bold versions and meticulously follows the original design. The font name has been changed to DinaPro to prevent conflicts with any other Dina versions that might be installed. Because DinaPro is a bitmap font it retains its sharpness and looks crispy since it is not affected by LCD font smoothing interpolation like it is the case with vector fonts.

DinaPro is released under the SIL Open Font License and is free for download to anyone but why not donate a small amount if the font is worthwhile for you?!

NOTE: To display DinaPro at its intended size on Mac set the font size to 16.

DinaPro Coding Font for Mac


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The download also contains the original bitmap font Dina version for Windows and a Dina TTF version for Windows that works with Visual Studio.

*The only change that has been made is that the lowercase character descenders (the lower part of character like p, g, y, etc.) have been made one pixel shorter vertically in the bold version to prevent the font from gaining too much line-spacing. However the line-spacing and character spacing stays the same as in the original nevertheless.

**as long as it supports Mac OS bitmap fonts (.dfont).