Namebook is a feature-packed name generation- and reference tool for creative writers, game designers, fiction producers, screenwriters, and just about anyone who is searching for suitable character names. Namebook can be used to generate random names by selecting given- and family names from a large database and additionally allows easy shaping of names by providing many modification parameters to create original and fantastic, new names.

Powerful name generation at your fingertips

Most stories start with a character. And every character needs a good name. With Namebook creating names becomes intuitive and fun. Set your name parameters, choose from any of the included name themes, optionally apply any of the modification options and press the Generate button to be presented with a long list of inspiring names that can be stored for later or used as an inspiration for further modification.

Namebook is the first ever high quality, no cookie-cutter name generation tool for professional use which allows for creative character name generation. With Namebook the challenge of creating convincing character names for your narrative is history from yesterday.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

Update 1.1.0 provides five new name themes as well as several bug fixes and optimizations.

• New name themes added: Science Fiction, Italian, Spanish, Latin (incl. Roman praenomina, cognomina, and nomina), and Scottish. About 17.000 new names in total.
• Database name fetching is now much faster.
• Optimized the algorithms used in details sheet for altering a name so that they generate more useful combinations more often.
• Fixed bugs in details sheet that occurred with names that have more than one word in given name or family name.
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused previous theme choices to apply even after they’ve been changed.
• Several minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Namebook is useful for:

  • Fiction writers looking for original character names.
  • Screen writers trying to create new and convincing names.
  • Game designers who are looking for interesting game character names.
  • Modders who want to create game mods with suitably-named characters.
  • Role-players who want an exciting name for their character.
  • Future parents who haven’t yet found the right name for their baby or are looking for something more original.
  • Writers seeking for a pen name.

Use themes to create names of a particular origin or a particular theme. More name themes are in the making: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Anime, Historical, and even the option to create non-character names (Races, Creatures, Factions, Worlds, etc.)

Step through the included quick How-To & Tips guide to get started with Namebook.

The name details sheet offers a complete view on a name’s information and allows for further experimentation and shaping.



Namebook contains a database of over hundred thousand given- and family names and every update adds many more names to the database.


Choose from many different name themes such as ethnical themes (American, English, French, German, Japanese, etc.) and fictitious themes (Mystical, Fantasy, Tolkien, etc.). Even more themes will be added in future updates.


Namebook uses several custom algorithms for name generation and modification which parameters can be conveniently changed or randomized for ever new and original names.


Store useful names for later, favourite them and easily copy or export them in text or CSV format, or print them.


Use the name details sheet to check information or experiment with a specific name and shape it into something new.


Quickly lookup any name in the database with the included search function.


Namebook automatically checks the system’s dictionary for words occurring in a name and presents the information in the details sheet.


Straightforward and easy to use interface combined with automatic data storage that perfectly acts as a quick go-to tool for whenever your creativity asks for a name.

No Internet Connection Required!

All data is stored locally so you don’t need an Internet connection to use Namebook.
Available for Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite and later.