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DinaPro Coding Font for Mac released!

DinaPro is an almost exact reproduction of the popular Dina bitmap font for Mac which retains excellent sharpness and compactness for professional source code display. There are one or two other Mac versions of the […]

Portraying the Space in Trailed Alliance

I’ve played a fair amount of space-themed games by now and almost all of them provide a poor idea of the scale of space. Most games that feature space travel let you hop quickly from […]

Trailed Alliance’s Hybrid Profession/Skill System

The stats system used in Trailed Alliance is a custom hybrid system that uses a mix of character classes and skills that can be combined. It’s not a completely free form skill-based system but instead […]

An Introduction to Trailed Alliance

Or how to create a Galaxy that doesn’t fall apart two days later
Trailed Alliance is the title of a Science Fiction / Space Opera-themed Role-playing game I’ve been working on for some time now. The […] launched!

Welcome to, a website that focuses on independent game development and game design topics. Here I will cover my adventures while developing some of my game concepts.

While I’m working as a programmer during the […]

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Character Development Example

Welcome back to the RPG Design series where I try to talk a bit about the work and progress on my game project, the development of the darkish, space -themed computer role-playing game Stellar Conspiracy: Entanglements Of The Marenis Sector Trailed Alliance (working title).

In the last part I’ve introduced the character design template I’m using and mentioned to post a character example next time which I’m doing hereby while introducing you to Eliza Retinienne, a Gessjanian security systems expert from the planet Shielle, a small world bordering on the fringe of the Suulun Sector which in turn stretches over a large area of the southern galaxy.

Eliza is one of the key characters in the game’s story and one of the characters whom the player is supposed to encounter and who eventually joins the player’s party. She is also supposed to receive her own side-quest in which the player can engage to help her out of the threatening situation she is currently in.

Note that this sheet is basically just here to give an example of how the character design template can be used to shape out a character so I suggest not to look too critically into the details. Things can (and will) still change and also the sheet is not filled out completely, for one reason because some details are irrelevant for this character and for another that I haven’t found any other suitable details for her yet. Either way I hope this gives a good example of how to utilize the template!


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