Hexagon Star Softworks is an indie software- and game developer from Japan, specializing in developing tools and assets for creative users like game designers and fiction writers. Feel free to browse my tools and content. Thanks for your support!


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Unity Editor Prototyping Style

With a few free Unity assets (and optionally one paid asset) you can turn your Unity scene view to look like Google Sketchup, with a flat, cell-shaded look that displays a thick outline around meshes. I’ve found that this gives a clearer overview of the scene while editing, especially being able to easily distinct the […]

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Stats Monitor for Unity

Stats Monitor is a feature-packed and highly customizable FPS counter and performance measuring tool for Unity projects that offers a lot of information in a compact display. It gives you an easily deployable tool that provides you with various framerate-, memory-, and system information for your game project. multi-hotkeys, touch surface controls and customizable colors and fonts are only a fraction of the features.
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DinaPro Font for Mac

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Namebook is a feature-packed name generation- and reference tool for creative writers, game designers, fiction producers, screenwriters, and just about anyone who is searching for suitable character names. Namebook can be used to generate random names by selecting given- and family names from a large database and additionally allows easy shaping of names by providing many modification parameters to create original and fantastic, new names.
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Random Chatter for Unity

Random Chatter is a C# script that adds random audio chatter to your player character (or to any other game object). You can use it to add instant random player chatter to your game easily to give your game a more personal and lively touch. The script is lightweight and very easy to integrate and provides several options to fine-tune the random chattering. Give your game's player character instant Duke Nukem-like quotes or make your Role-playing game's party members talk randomly! Allows fine-tuning the delay between triggered sounds, random volume and pitch, as well as the controlled repeating of sounds.
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Ambient Music on Unity Asset Store

Three of my Ambient music tracks have been published on the Unity Asset Store for use as game soundtrack. These three suspense and dark pieces have been composed generally always with the thought of being an atmospheric soundtrack in the back of my mind.