Namebook, the creative name generator has been released today for Mac and is now available on the Mac App Store. The app has been developed with creative writers and game designers in mind and provides a plethora of features to conveniently create new, original names and experiment with names to motivate new ideas. If you’re looking for original character names, whether ¬†you’re writing fiction or create characters for a game, Namebook will provide an abundant source of creative, new name ideas.

Equipped with a growing number of included name themes, name randomization engine, and a details view for further name shaping Namebook will quickly become your go-to tool for name ideas. Namebook includes a vast database of given- and family names (currently over 160.000 and growing) categorized into different ethnical and fictive name themes that act as source material for creating new, exotic names or simply as a searchable name reference database.

For more information please visit the Namebook page.