The first update for Namebook, the creative name generator is now available in the Mac App Store. This update provides five new name themes (Science Fiction, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Scottish, as well as several bug fixes and improvements.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

  • New name themes added: Science Fiction, Italian, Spanish, Latin (incl. Roman praenomina, cognomina, and nomina), and Scottish. About 17.000 new names in total.
  • Database name fetching is now much faster.
  • Optimized the algorithms used in details sheet for altering a name so that they generate more useful combinations more often.
  • Fixed bugs in details sheet that occurred with names that have more than one word in given name or family name.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused previous theme choices to apply even after they’ve been changed.
  • Several minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Read more information about Namebook here or get it at the App Store!