The Stellar Character & Camera System for Unity is a script asset for providing a high quality, easy to use and customizable controller for camera and character movement for games. Stellar provides a fast and fluid control especially suited for multiplayer- and role-playing games. Its camera and movement mechanisms provide an experience that are very similar to those found in many popular MMOs and role-playing games such as Skyrim.

While it offers several additional camera modes such as Free Camera, Editor Camera, LookAt Camera, and Dead Camera, the focus is on providing a solid Thirdperson-/Firstperson camera solution that is fun and snappy to play with. With Stellar switching between different camera modes is a breeze and it allows for seamlessly switching between Thirdperson- and Firstperson modes via hotkey and mousewheel – just like you’re used to in many popular games.


The first release will provide a standard set of character animations and postures such as running, walking, sprinting, crouching, prone, jumping, and strafing and several more animation states such as swimming/diving, climbing, mounted, etc. are planned in updates.

Stellar is currently in late development and I will provide further details on features and release schedule shortly. Meanwhile why not have a look at the Stellar Sneak preview video?

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