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  • smwebgl

Stats Monitor WebGL Demo

Check out this online Unity WebGL demo to test Stats Monitor v1.3.0, which has been submitted to the Asset Store yesterday and should be available shortly, and see how many spheres you can spawn before your framerate drops into the cellar.

Update 1.3.0 provides several new features such as showing you the current count of rendered […]

  • stellar_teaser_featured

Introducing Stellar Character-Camera System

The Stellar Character & Camera System for Unity is a script asset for providing a high quality, easy to use and customizable controller for camera and character movement for games. Stellar provides a fast and fluid control especially suited for multiplayer- and role-playing games. Its camera and movement mechanisms provide an experience that are very […]

  • snag_20151104_000

Unity Editor Prototyping Style

With a few free Unity assets (and optionally one paid asset) you can turn your Unity scene view to look like Google Sketchup, with a flat, cell-shaded look that displays a thick outline around meshes. I’ve found that this gives a clearer overview of the scene while editing, especially being able to easily distinct the […]

  • unity3d_terrain_demo_scene

Unity3D Demo Scene using Stats Monitor

Here’s a short video showcasing Stats Monitor 1.2 in an outside terrain demo scene. This idyllic environment has been created with the help of UFPS for the first-person player controls and Time of Day¬†for the dynamic day/night cycle. Stats Monitor was set to use framerate throttling -1 so that the framerate has no limitation. The […]

  • sm_featuredimage

Stats Monitor for Unity released!

Stats Monitor is a feature-packed and highly customizable FPS Counter and game performance meter for Unity games. It can very easily be added to any Unity project and gives you an instant overview of various framerate measurements, memory consumption, system information, and a graph that visualizes the performance.

Check out the full feature list on the […]

  • stats_monitor_header

Stats Monitor for Unity

Stats Monitor is a feature-packed and highly customizable FPS counter and performance measuring tool for Unity projects that offers a lot of information in a compact display. It gives you an easily deployable tool that provides you with various framerate-, memory-, and system information for your game project. multi-hotkeys, touch surface controls and customizable colors and fonts are only a fraction of the features.
  • namebook_v11_promo

Namebook 1.1 is in the shop!

The first update for Namebook, the creative name generator is now available in the Mac App Store. This update provides five new name themes (Science Fiction, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Scottish, as well as several bug fixes and improvements.
What’s New in Version 1.1.0

New name themes added: Science Fiction, Italian, Spanish, Latin (incl. Roman praenomina, cognomina, […]

  • dinapro_prev

DinaPro Coding Font for Mac released!

DinaPro is an almost exact reproduction of the popular Dina bitmap font for Mac which retains excellent sharpness and compactness for professional source code display. There are one or two other Mac versions of the Dina font on the web but they don’t look much like the original because they are either too wide and/or […]

  • dinapro_slider

DinaPro Font for Mac

  • namebook_teaser

Namebook App Released!

Namebook, the creative name generator has been released today for Mac and is now available on the Mac App Store. The app has been developed with creative writers and game designers in mind and provides a plethora of features to conveniently create new, original names and experiment with names to motivate new ideas. If you’re […]