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Namebook App Released!

Namebook, the creative name generator has been released today for Mac and is now available on the Mac App Store. The app has been developed with creative writers and game designers in mind and provides a plethora of features to conveniently create new, original names and experiment with names to motivate new ideas. If you’re looking for original character names, whether  you’re writing fiction or create characters for a game, Namebook will provide an abundant source of creative, new name ideas.

Equipped with a growing number of included name themes, name randomzation engine, and a details view for further name shaping Namebook will quickly become your go-to tool for name ideas. Namebook includes a vast database of given- and family names (currently over 140.000 and growing) categorized into different ethnical and fictive name themes that act as source material for creating new, exotic names or simply as a searchable name reference database.

For more information please visit the Namebook page.


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DinaPro Font for Mac

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Namebook is a feature-packed name generation- and reference tool for creative writers, game designers, fiction producers, screenwriters, and just about anyone who is searching for suitable character names. Namebook can be used to generate random names by selecting given- and family names from a large database and additionally allows easy shaping of names by providing many modification parameters to create original and fantastic, new names.
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Tokyo Cityscape Skybox for Unity

Tokyo Cityscape is a high quality skybox of the Tokyo skyline for use with Unity3D. The package contains a high resolution version (2048 x 2048 pixel) as well as a standard resolution version (1024 x 1024 pixel). Also included is the layered Photoshop file to give you absolute freedom to customize the skybox as you are able to exchange the clouds layer and make other modifications.
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Random Chatter for Unity

Random Chatter is a C# script that adds random audio chatter to your player character (or to any other game object). You can use it to add instant random player chatter to your game easily to give your game a more personal and lively touch. The script is lightweight and very easy to integrate and provides several options to fine-tune the random chattering. Give your game's player character instant Duke Nukem-like quotes or make your Role-playing game's party members talk randomly! Allows fine-tuning the delay between triggered sounds, random volume and pitch, as well as the controlled repeating of sounds.
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Ambient Music on Unity Asset Store

Three of my Ambient music tracks have been published on the Unity Asset Store for use as game soundtrack. These three suspense and dark pieces have been composed generally always with the thought of being an atmospheric soundtrack in the back of my mind.
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