hexagonstar.com launched!

Welcome to hexagonstar.com, a website that focuses on independent game development and game design topics. Here I will cover my adventures while developing some of my game concepts.

While I’m working as a programmer during the day, this site will by all means reflect my hobbyist side toward game development and covers my very own, sometimes quite ambitious game projects. I’m going to cover especially the development of my mammoth game project titled Trailed Alliance which is a Science Fiction/Space-Opera-themed role-playing game with a big scope.

There are oodles of pages that can be filled by this game project alone but occasionally I’m going to write about two other projects that are on the rooster, one is a Cold War-themed turn-based Strategy Game (TBS) for which I’m still trying to find the right title and the other one is a cozy horror-themed online, multiplayer adventure/first-person game with the tentative title Lieges of the Haunted Manor. These two other projects are rather ambitious as well and I might start working on one or the other depending on my mood. I’m going to use this site mainly as a means of documenting my work (and progress) and these projects but it will undoubtedly also be a great vehicle to communicate with other dedicated game developers.

So have a seat and enjoy the tour! And grab a large cup of coffee, this will get very involved!